How to find contract opportunities and keep my day job?



Hi, everyone. I am working full time for a software company as a product manager, but it is allowing me to break into user research. I want to do more to get more experience and flesh out my portfolio.

I have a proven track record of working independently and remotely, and I have masters certification in Ux Research. I’m qualified, just not sure how to match my skills to projects that need me.

Any suggestions on how to find companies that want ux research for smaller projects? Any advice would be appreciated.


great to hear!
Apart from selling your skillset and brand on the usual mediums (the more content you create the more people will reach out to you), I think the best way to gain small projects is reaching out to non profits or small businesses that may benefit form your knowledge even though they can’t afford it. You’ll be doing your community great help while having real life examples to beef up your portfolio with.
Otherwise there are always online challenges you can take that will help - but I find the motivation of helping real people a bigger drive


So much this. Do some pro-bono stuff for non profits.

Also this:


Hi, guys. I love the idea of helping a non-profit. It’s win-win. I get to gain some experience and help someone in need. I’m having trouble finding non-profits that need UX Research (I’m heavily focused on the research, data extractions, and the process; not so much on the actual design). I’ll check out your link and get the word out though. Thanks.


I don’t think pro bono places ever know if they need it because its not something they would even consider. Maybe just find something you’re passionate about and see if they could do with your skillset. I am sure they would work with you if you bring in some benefit for free to them?