How to do a Journey Map with different outcomes

Hi, I am a bit new and just starting out my path into UX, although I have already dealt with UX concepts in our company throughout the years, but never with a structured process.

I have already done Journey Map before, but now I came across something that got me thinking. I usually map out a map for each Persona if their interaction and ooportunities raised are very different.

But how do I refer a journey to the same Persona with different outcomes depending on a situation? To illustrate, the user should be taking his bike or motocycle to a special parking station in his way to work for this company. But the whole experience for that Persona could be quite different if he finds a parking lot or if all spaces are occupied. The paths followed become very different, and the thoughts, emotional responses and opportunities will be different too.

Should I fork the map here, and do one for each situation, or should I display both outcomes on the same map and divide them visually somehow?

I looked over the net for examples of this situation but couldn’t find any map that contained both ways, that is why I am wondering if I must make different maps.


I would definitely suggest keep both in the same map, since this is how an experience map can help you, which aware of all the emotions and touch-points that can be around a persona.

I just recently read this article in UXmastery and I would highly recommend you to check it out, if you haven’t had a chance yet:


Yeah I totally agree with @ali_eslamifar


Thanks for the answer, guys. @ali_eslamifar, I had seen that video and page before, as well Chris Ridon’s article here: But I was still not sure what was the best method in my situation.

But thanks, I will figure out a way of visually showing both paths without creating confusion.

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