How to deliver a constructive criticism for a UX deliverable(s)?



Hi there!

As designer, I am often involved in such type of task.
I find it interesting and very profitable (in terms of final product quality) have cross-check with other designers and project managers regarding the ux design deliverables. Even if they’re not 100% involved in the project.

Within the company I work for, often it happens to be invited to evaluate wireframes, mockups and prototypes designed by other teams.

I personally think that to criticise a design (especially if you are designer) is a very delicate task. It is challenging and requires preparation, respect and knowledge.

I’m going to build and share a framework for this type of activity.
I’m curious how you guys are managing this task and what you think about it.

Thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Dopamino,

I think that would be really wonderful idea, especially for UXer’s new to the field as this is one of the harder things to get comfortable with. Seeing both sides I think would be truely helpful.

It’s awesome that you guys do that within your company! As it doesn’t just improve on the work output, but also how your teams work together and it helps grow your teams as well. We often talk with our developers around ideas as it can be amazing what wonderful wacky things people outside of UX and design can think about too :slight_smile: .

The thing with feedback that we have found is that it has to be constructive. Going to someone and saying “I don’t like this”, one is a personal opinion not based around anything factual, but it also isn’t helpful for anyone. You’ve got to be able to give the person something to work with. It also doesn’t help your UXer to learn how to rationalise designs or how to improve on their skills. Same can be said for sugar coating or not giving criticism at all.

I love how you say it requires respect. This is absolutely true, and I think that having safe environments where people can pool their collective brains can be a great way to utilise the true potential that people in your organisation can have.


hi @natalie_eustace
thanks for your comment.
I’m lucky to work with a bunch of people focused on the product design process.
Due to the fact that we have a lot of legacies with our family of products we are somehow forced to share (and criticise) whatever we want to deliver.
It’s something interesting and (in my opinion) extremely valuable but:

  • there are some gaps in terms of knowledge (ex. desktop app vs web app)
  • some stakeholders have different goals to achieve
  • the timeline is not 100% shared across the DEV teams

I’d like to build a sort of framework or, at least, a set of rules helping us to criticise and to evaluate deliverables according a shared process

it will be a loooong journey :slight_smile:


Hi Dopamino
Really interesting work!
We have been utilizing Marvel App (we do app development) to communicate UX ideas. We use this both internally and with customers. We found this to be really important as we were mostly meeting with project leaders/owners and found that there was (almost) always a higher ranking employee at the customers company that had the final say.
With a Marvel prototype we can send them an email with the prototype when the meeting is over. The project leader can then use it to convince the man with the money.

To improve the process of creating quick and effective Marvel prototypes we have created a set of whiteboards that has the same size as an iPhone. This makes it easier to iterate on the drawings that make up the final prototype. You can find them at (DISCLAIMER: I am co founder at the company that produce and sell them)

I am really interested in hearing how the framework/set of rules/guidelines ends up. Would you post a reply when you have something? I would be glad to comment on a draft :slight_smile:


Hey @tobiasalroe I just had a quick peak at your site and the video is pretty neat, I really like the idea too with the whiteboard phone templates! Nice job :slight_smile:

Curious is apple designing your main target? or are you looking to expand to android as well? (also not sure if this one deserves it’s own topic off this one? @HAWK?


Hi @natalie_eustace
Thank you! It is our first try at making a product video so we had to buy photo lights and stuff. But luckily it ended out quite well :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually we are Android developers by heart. So we do have Android versions as well. I have just made it a habit to explain it as iPhones / Apple devices as most people request these.