How to choose sign-up details for mobile apps


Hi guys,

I am working on an idea I have for a mobile app, and I’m trying to figure out the best sign-up process. I want the app to sync with the user’s contact list just as WhatsApp does: i.e. it identifies all the contacts in your phone book that have WhatsApp installed.

With WhatsApp, a user signs up with their mobile phone number and then uses a passcode to verify.

This simple sign-up process seems to work really well, but I wanted to get some thoughts on how important other things are, like username/email/password/login with social networks?



I think a lot of it is going to depend on your data structure and the purpose of your app. Will a phone number be enough to identify your users? Will you need any more information?

Phone number and passcode definitely provides a very simple interface which is more likely to convert visitors than turn them away (the way a longer more detailed process would be). I hate typing on my phone so the less I have to enter the better.

If you want more details you can always offer up a profile section to gather additional details once the user is registered and logged in. Some friendly prompt to get to know them better or something along those lines. The drawback there is some users will skip the profile.

So, keeping the login simple is a good goal but make sure it gets the information your app needs.