How to avoid bad bounce rate and boost good bounce rate?


I’m working on a comparing website. We got lots of traffic from the blog article, yet the bounce rate is so high. We perform well on acquisition but bad on keeping the user in the site then generate good bounce rate. (checked on Similar web most user bounce to non-reveune generated website) Do u got any suggestion/ sample to enhance the situation with good bounce rate?



Hey there and welcome.

The first thing you need to do here is work out where and why people are bouncing.
Have you done any kind of research?



An exit-intent survey might be a good idea? I’d expect the completion rate to be low, but any input can be useful if you’re not sure why people are bouncing. If you do some Googling there are a bunch of services that make them fairly easy to implement.

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High bounce rate, for me would indicate that the visitor has not found what the expected when landing on the page.

Try to ensure the content and meta tags are aligned, and that the headers if possible contain the keywords that relate to the content.

Page view and Time on page are also good metrics compare.