How to approach a potential client whose website just been designed?



Hi guys, I just need some help, what’s your take on this-how would u approach a potential client whose
website has just been designed without implementing UX data?


Hi @wayne, can you elaborate?

By potential client, do you meant someone that has approached you for help? Or do you mean someone that has a site that you think would benefit from your skills and are wondering how to approach them?


Yes a potential client, he’s just had his website done by a design agency.


So this is a tricky situation, on the one hand you don’t want to insult the potential client and the other hand you have identified that he “may” need your services.

In both cases it needs handling with care.

Building a relationship with a “cold” lead, is all about consistently adding value over time.

Here are 3 ways you could get on his raydar the smart way:

  1. Sign up for his email list - if he has one. Engage in conversations he is having online.
  2. Thank him for sharing a piece of information that you have used to get results (show him the results). Write a bog post about him and how he has inspired your work.
  3. Share his work, and tell your audience why they should check it out.


Offer FREE work, but remember you have limited time so you need to be quite selective about who you offer free work to.

Does this help you?