How to add content in product category pages!

I’m running an E-commerce website. My home page is well ranked on many keywords. But From last one month, I’m facing a problem in how to add content in PRODUCT CATEGORY pages.
I’m Using UX Block For Adding Content In My Category PAges.
Here below a screenshot is attached, in my edit product category page, I have an option for adding content at the last of the category page.

So, I made a UX block, a shortcode is generated with the help of UX blocks and then I copy paste that shortcode in the bottom content section.
Now the main issue is that, content is shown at the last of that specific category. Let suppose I have 40 products in that specific category, and I didn’t have set my pagination to any specific number of products in a page and when a user is a scrawl down page changed automatically. it means the content is shown on the last page that is page no 4. Now when i’ll add more products in that category, the content will be moved to the next page that is page no 5.
Any Senior here, who can help me on this serious problem.
Looking Forward, Thanks!

Hi there,
I’m not sure you’re asking the right audience! You should probably try a community of WordPress experts. :slight_smile: