How should you start a redesign for a personal project?

I want to redesign an existing product as a personal project but how would I start that process?


Do research.


Why do you want to do the re-design?

Yes, do research. Observe the apps you use(not like amazon, instagram because you hardly find any UX issues, I suppose.) and find out for any UX pain points in them. Choose any mediocore apps and work on them.

Find the problems -> Analyse them(tell why that is a problem) -> find a solution -> design a simple wireframe of the solution -> compare the original and improvised screen(your solution). And yeah! You have a project in your list.

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I haven’t chosen a specific product yet but I want to have a portfolio project to show.

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You start by being the products critic, this will help you see what works and what doesn’t.

Then you compare the product to competition.

Look into new trends.

ask customers opinion.

with enough data you will be able to review and bring out something new

If it’s the matter of redesigning a product then Research is mandatory as active and zealous users of UX mastery said above.

All the things before taking the decision come in part of the research. If you are confused about what to do then get the critics about your product, it will show what to do exactly as abdulkadirhaldu mentioned.

Also, try new things which are unique in current scenarios and market. Also, an analysis done well can improve the efficiency of the existing design. Redesign a product for satisfying users with elegant user experience.

Hope it’s useful.

what is your reason negative feedback or upgrade