How should we ask for feedback?

I’ve noticed a number of topics recently where people have asked for very broad feedback.


I’ve just built a new website and I’d like your feedback


Please give me some feedback on my new app

I’d like to encourage people to be a bit more specific when asking for feedback, partly because it demonstrates that they are actively participating in the process and partly because it can be a bit daunting to give feedback without direction.

So… I wonder if it might make sense to create a guideline topic which helps people ask proactively for feedback. Does anyone have thoughts or ideas on this?


I think it’s a great idea to have some guidelines on requesting feedback.
Ideally, these guidelines are aimed at helping community members asking for feedback in order to improve their performance or understanding of something, not just looking for rewards or praise.
Furthermore, It hope it encourages input seeking at all stages of a project (e.g., problem statements, solution ideas, prototype, methods) to provide the community with a broader understanding of the different choices, methods applied and expected outcomes for each step. This is something I wished happened more often, I love seeing how other designers approach problem solving at the more abstract stages.


Thanks Ghislaine.

Yes! So much this. I agree with you. Seeing the whole process (for anything) is a great learning opportunity.

You have a beautiful name BTW. Where are you from?

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The biggest problem I see with these requests is that they are often so all-encompassing. I usually don’t have the time to go in and do a full portfolio review for someone, which puts me off even looking at these topics. I wonder if others feel the same way?

In any event, I’d like to see some limit to scope in these requests.

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I believe they do and that’s literally my reason for creating this topic!

I would love that thanks.


Thanks, Sarah. And yes, learning in the context of a process is so valuable. As design systems adoption grows, I think we’ll have a more significant emphasis on the conceptual stages of design.

Also, my name is French :slight_smile:


plz tell me that how can I post for getting feedback

I really like that idea, and I think it could make a big difference.

It’s important to be clear and direct when asking for comments by giving specifics. This helps people focus their thoughts on the most important things that need to be fixed to make a project better and gives them an idea of what to look for.

For example, when you ask for comments on a website, you could say what technologies were used, what features you’re especially proud of, and what areas you know need to be fixed.

You could also add screenshots to give people a better idea of what the project looks like.