How should I introduce myself in my portfolio when I have no experience?

I wanted a brief introduction of myself to be the first thing recruitters would see in my portfolio, so I checked out what other people were doing. And as far as I’ve seen watching other UX designers’ portfolios, almost all of their descriptions say something like “I’m currently working on […]”, etc.

What should I say to introduce myself? Why I like UX design?

Let them know what you do and anything that can separate yourself from others.

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Done! :slight_smile:

I’m going for “My love for understanding people’s problems and my background in web development got me into UX/UI design, and since then I’ve kept refining my skills.”.

What do you think?

PS: Should I say “refining my design skills”? Or should I leave it as it is?


I think leave it as is. :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks!