How shall we display overflowing text on mobile applications?

Hello you all,

First of all, I’m new on UX Mastery so please forgive if my post is unconventionnal compared to other. Plus do not hesite to holla at me with advice regarding how I can improve the way I “deliver” my issue.

Anyway, I’m currently working on a mobile application which provides sports aficionados & gamblers a place to interact within a sport & sport-betting enthusiast community, access easily to information with qualitative and trending “nurturing” articles & challenge their knowledge through a betting simulatior.

We managed to fit a lot of content on the interface but still sometimes we didn’t have room to entirely display some texts. To solve this issue we thought of autoscrolling texts (which seems osolete somehow) BUT regarding the amount of content we have to display and the percentage of it which might be concerned, it raised our concerns on cognitive overload.

What are your thoughts ? Is there any guidelines on this matter (autoscrolling text) ?

you can use ellipses…
or possibly expandable containers

not everything needs to fit on a card that is nothing but a summary, the main specific product page does need to have it all out there though