How shall we crowdsource the "Masters of UX" reading list


This post is regarding @leo0’s idea in this topic: Masters of UX curriculum book list

@Lukcha and I both love the idea and @chrisoliver has kindly allowed us to use his list as a starting point.

The plan is to crowdsource the tagging and rating of the books (so that we can establish which are the most valuable at certain parts of the UX journey).

Our options for doing this are Github (see the UX Glossary), a Google doc, or a wiki topic here on the forums (meaning that we can all edit the one post).

Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions?


I really like this suggestion too as someone early in my career shift. You don’t know how much richer Amazon has gotten lately because I can’t settle on one book to read! :wink:

I prefer using Github for 3 reasons

  1. It’s public on a well known platform
  2. It could expose UX Mastery to more people
  3. It would allow for anyone who adds to it to be recognized as a contributer.


I think a Google Doc would have the least amount of friction in terms of someone being able to contribute.

If the decision is made to go with Github, a quick guide on how to use Github to vote/tag/rate the books would be helpful.