How much detail should a prototype have?


I’m currently creating a prototype for a mobile application for the Moroccan mall, called Morocco Mall. I’ve created a flow with different possibilities on how to use the application, what I find confusing in creating the prototype corresponding to this flow is details. For example one of the things a user can do in the application is access a store page for information, now the problem is, should I make several copies of this very same screen according to every possibility, or should I make one common screen between all the possibilities. For example in my home screen, there is a block containing hot deals, when pressing a deal, you’re redirected to the corresponding store page, whilst being in all the stores screen where you can search and filter, you’ll also be redirected to a the corresponded store page. What do you think is better, should I detail as much as possible, or should I go with general information since detailing might take a loot of time.


What are your stakeholders expecting and how tight are your deadlines? I’d probably do low-fi prototypes first and then get into more detail later.


Second the point made about low-fi, that’s really important given the breadth of what it sounds like you have to account for (and it sounds like it matches the level of the requirements.) “Every possibility” is very hard to design for.

Why was the app created in the first place? What are the 2 or 3 most important things people are doing with this mobile app?

I suggest you find and pick important use case scenario and prioritize all the early wire framing and prototyping and discussion around that. This early, it needs to be quick and dirty but very clear so that decisions can be made.

Good luck!


@HAWK I’ve already sketched some low-fi deadlines, I’m supposed to create an interactive prototype now so we can present it to the stakeholders, who actually aren’t expecting anything, they haven’t provided us with a brief, so we suggest how the experience will be, including what functionalities we should include.

@StudyOfPeople as of low-fi, I’ve already made some sketches with a flow, I’m supposed to create a prototype from the sketches so we could present the flow to the stakeholders.


@azarou_medamine to circle back to your original question “How much detail should a prototype have?” my answer is: how much detail does it need?

Do the sketches with a flow that you have already made tell a specific story/scenario? Can you just build out enough detail to support that same scope? That way you’re telling a consistent story.

Knowing where to start and where to stop with prototyping is definitely challenging, as the more you decide to support = more work. How much of what type of fidelity and level of completeness a prototype needs really depends on what decisions you’re driving for at this stage in your project.