How Marketing, Quality, Design go together in customer experience, UX user experience :SX : Shopper experience, BX :Buyer experience?



3 spheres of exchange, objectives; professions; targets; missions X

(Its only research article from Georges Koussouros,syn,thetis from wide innovation practise, there is no any commerial name)

At the beginning, a human’s intervention in process of resource’s domestication in 3 parts for

  1. having natural resources more appealing
  2. reducing risks on their availability
  3. ameliorating their use.

That constitute in society an unchanging cycle in commercial and non-commercial objectives that matches respectively to these 3 jobs

  1. Seduction in a first exchanges: Marketing mission
  2. Securing in engagement: Quality management mission
  3. Satisfaction in activity: Design mission

Comments about jobs

Engineers bring their genius concerning feasibility of all these 3 moments of the customer.

The aesthetical work of designer is sometimes expanded for seducing mission from marketer’s asking and has original objective to play in the satisfaction of users (by the creation of concept, ergonomics amelioration, function enrichment, cultural integration,…)

Quality manager’s gathers synthetized market information from marketers and synthetized social information from designers for building standardized answers for customer.

3 human centered professions for customer experience (SX, BX, UX)

Each profession enquires about psychology of these respective positions; shopper, buyer, user for trying to give to them the best experience.

We can extend notion of UX user experience to upstream steps :SX : Shopper experience, BX :Buyer experience.

A wining tripartite

So, collaboration of these 3 key players permits to maintain squaring of circle of the contentment of the customer for capturing and keeping customers with complete smile effect.