How many interviews for Research Stage

I am currently on college studying developing application starting from UX phase, as I know, the first stage of UX is conduct user research. And I plan to interview certain target users but I dont know how many datas I need to get, normally in IT the acceptable minimum data is 30 so that means I need to interview at least 30 persons, but it is same for UX?
Thank you in advance and sorry if my english not really fluent enough, I hope everyone understand

Sorry maybe based on your ux research experience, I am really thankful with any insight thank you!

Before you find out how many, you need to figure out:
Is your research discovery or definition?
What do you want to know?
Do you want quantitative or qualitative data?

Typically people will do research in rounds of 5 at a time for qualitative. and 40 for quantitative.
By breaking up your research into rounds you can adjust it as you go so you don’t get the same answer 30 times.

One possibility would be to start with qualitative and then use quantitative to validate your findings.

For a college project, showing you can do both would probably look really good.


Thanks for your time, my project focused in developing and finding solution of certain sector that happen affected in post pandemic.
There I already have the data from trusted survei what problem people in that sector currently faced and I am already using that data as guide when asking to 15 person because only that many I can gather due of how limited resources I had. I never found any concise and right way to do research in ux as there is no paper discuss it. its different compared when I reading paper about machine learning