How long have you been a UXer?


When we started this community a couple of years ago, our audience was almost exclusively people transitioning into a UX career. Over time – and more noticeably in the last few months – we’ve been attracting more experienced practitioners, which is fantastic because discussions are richer when there are lots of different perspectives.

So that we can offer value to all of you, I’m keen to get an idea of how long you’ve been ‘a UXer’.

  • Don’t yet work in UX
  • < 1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-5 years
  • 5-10 years
  • 10+ years

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A little idea I’ve had (not sure if this is the right place for it)

Would it make sense here to also poll what skills / specialist areas people have? I think it would be really useful if we had a way of knowing which areas people feel particluarly knowledgable about as it may make it easier to aim questions at them? This could be software skills, design skills, or process skills.

And also, which areas people would like to know more about?

For example someone may have only called themselves a UXer for <1 year but may have a lot of experience in usability testing, or may have a lot of knowledge of certain software, but want to gain knowledge on user research?

List of skills