How long does it take to conduct a user research?




Could help me please understand how much hours in average (or min-max) does it take to produce these 5 deliverables in user research?

1. Competitive analysis
2. User Testing (5 participants) (recruiting, testing, analyzing, preparing a report)
3. Customer Journey Mapping
4. Heatmap analysis
5. Online polls and surveys

If possible please write a number and hours range.

Thank you!

Research Project Planning - Time estimates for various research methods and phases

It really depends upon the skill and experience of the person. Someone junior is going to take a lot longer than someone with 10 years of experience. I don’t think this is really a fair question.

What are you looking to get out of what you asked?



Yes, I understand that it depends upon experience. I am a Junior and just want to know some averages for someone not a junior in order to have some benchmarks.
It is for estimating prices and duration of stages for a freelance projects.
I know that a lot of agencies charge project-based, they have some average hours for each stage and then they multiply by their hourly rate.



Well for me, with over 10 years experience, it would probably take:

  1. Competitive analysis (6 hours if I know the space, 12 if I don’t)
  2. User Testing (5 participants) (recruiting, testing, analyzing, preparing a report) (100 hours)
  3. Customer Journey Mapping (on my own, 40 hours)
  4. Heatmap analysis (2 hours)
  5. Online polls and surveys (polls and surveys are different. It usually takes me 6 to 8 hours to do a survey)


Thank you very much. It is really helpful for me and gives some orientation. There are very little information on timing of ux research in the internet.