How important is your email address?


Just a thought that occurred to me this afternoon when referring people to different inquiries for UX work: how important is your email address to the image you present and your personal brand?

Personally I rate it pretty highly. I have a domain for personal email, and a different domain for freelance work, with my business name.

Lots of people give out a,, or email address when they’re applying for jobs or freelance contracts. Does this make them look less professional in the client/hirer’s eyes? What do you think? What do you do?


Hi Matt, was thinking about this recently also, when I see a small business and the contact is “bob1973@hotmail” it strikes me as unprofessional. I think that potential employers also feel the same way. If you working in the web tech area, you almost need to have your website and branded contact info. I’ve recently decide that people get confused calling me Patrick or Paddy to i’m just gonna stick with Paddy. Paddy


I too was thinking about this recently. This morning I heard an ad on the radio for a company advertising for social media experts to apply for a super important hush-hush project (yup, that was the gist of it). The ad was pretty slick, but it finished by asking interested parties to email (or something similar). I immediately put it out of my mind as an option. These days it is so easy to set up your own domain that surely it’s a no brainer when setting up a company.


A company, yes. But it’s also pretty trivial to do the same as an individual. Perhaps it’s worth a tutorial to remind UX designers of the importance of personal brand when applying for jobs. Watch this space …


I agree with Paddy’s comments, but as an aside, if you are looking for jobs and don’t have a website or brand yet, is it still professional or acceptable to use
Or is that seen as more personal contact information?