How does your pay compare?


An infographic on pay scales:


Was this based off a certain area @HAWK ? Seems slightly low, but i’m also in New York so that might make a difference.


Good question. I don’t know TBH but it implies that it’s the UK (including London).

Here’s another one – this time for the US.



There was a post somewhere by Money or Forbes that had like top 25 highest paying career fields to get into right now, UX Manager was on there at 18 at a medium salary of 98K. It was pretty exciting.

The outlook for the Ux/Ui field is phenomenal.

Edit - Found it Forbes

Edit Again - Couple of other useful resources for those of us interested in the compensation portion of our wonderful field. CareerFoundry Article


The amounts look about right to me though I have seen some slippage in the last few months with some people trying to get a UXer for £30k and less.


I’ve seen a lot of these job posts recently. Do you think recruitment managers will constantly try and push the pay down this low? I’ve seen this happen in marketing and graphic design. Be interesting to read your thoughts on how you feel about recruitment managers doing this.


My 2 cents: As long as you’re bringing value, as long as you’re continuing to learn new stuff, and as long as you stick with it, you can definitely expect to earn more than what is reported in these articles.

A number of variables come into play:

  • How strategically you approach your career
  • Your skills
  • The perceived value you bring
  • Your experience (both breadth, and depth)
  • Your personal brand
  • Your location
  • The people you know, and the connections you make
  • Are you a practitioner, or a manager, or both?


Appreciate your input and thank you for the advice!

It’s reassuring to know that the skills you spend months, if not years learning, aren’t devalued.


I think so but they will simply get less applicants for the job. How much is the job worth to the company? Is it really worth them skimping on a few grand?