How do you switch off?


When I’m in the middle of an exciting project I have a super hard time switching off. It doesn’t help that I work remotely. A couple of glasses of wine is a sure fire way to switch off (because I can’t be bothered working at that point!) but it’s not a particularly healthy approach.

What do you guys do?


Pilates each week helps me switch off particularly at the end where we’re told to clear our thoughts. Sitting at a desk in front of a screen for hours isn’t healthy so the stretches during class really help with circulation.

Also cooking - that’s so therapeutic to me :slight_smile:


I would suggest that if you are excited about the project and you have grasped the vision of it finished and everything seems to flow from inside, don’t switch off! Keep that on as much as you can…


I do the same!
I discovered pilates few years ago to recover from a motorbike accident. I am addicted to it!

when I am too excited for a project and I want to slow down or switching off I go for a run. It helps me a lot to clean my mind


Ah yes, I also love cooking. Great suggestion. Because I have kids I always have to take a break from work to cook, but I tend to get stuck back in when they go to bed.

I also teach at the gym so I have the exercise thing well covered.


Develop a ritual. Whether it’s pilates, cooking, meditating (my personal favorite), or smacking a poster and chanting something four times, it trains your brain to get into mindset you want.

Might sound a bit cheesy, but it works.

People who work at an office have their commute and their habits during the commute.

Food for thought! Best of luck. :smile:


Ah yeah. I never really thought about it that way.



This I definitely do - I get annoyed if I lose momentum on something interesting