How do you store your feedback?

We are collecting anecdotal feedback from our customer facing staff to try start to get a high level view of problem areas. We’ll then use this to help us prioritise areas where we need to focus our research. I just wondered how people store this information. We are using Jira internally and I was thinking of using it to create tickets of different ‘nuggets’ as this will

  • Keep issues isolated
  • Allow for discussion
  • Anable us to tag and link related issues
  • Give us a workflow from initial capture, to review, next steps etc

Unfortunately it might start to create really long columns of tickets.

(I realise that we will need to do proper personas, research with real customers etc but this is really just the start to tap into the knowledge and experience help within the organisation and give people the chance to get involved. And vent.)

I’ve used Airtable for this. The free plan is enough to get started. Jira isn’t a good information repository so it’s best to use something else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah. You aren’t the first person to suggest that. Thanks. I’ll check it now.

If your team(s) already use Jira, it can be a good tool to store feedback and research insights. The problem many teams have is getting non-UX roles to use their research knowledge. The big advantage going this route is better adoption from non-UX teams by using tools stakeholders already use daily. Jira is also flexible enough to do much of what a repo does for sharing knowledge. Especially when combined with Jira’s easy customization and JQL, findability and evangelism for research insights is great. From my experience, here is what I would suggest:

  • Keep feedback, artifacts, and general insights in their own Jira project. This keeps things clean and easy to search and share while still enabling linking tickets. You can also manage research projects with their own sprints/cadence this way.
  • When you have a key insight/nugget that should get included in development, then you move it over to a product team’s Jira project. I would recommend creating a UX task type, which is simple. This allows you to still see and pull out upcoming UX insights with Jira reporting tools and JQL.
  • Take advantage of the custom fields functionality, you can easily add required fields and some custom tagging even. You can also use Labels for tagging, but those can get unwieldy for a taxonomy in the long run.

Several researchers in the ReOps community use Jira/Trello/Monday, here’s an article by one with their setup. Disregard their next-gen comment, next-gen projects are probably the optimal choice since the article was written.

This isn’t to say Airtable isn’t a good option too, there’s probably a slick integration in the Atlassian Marketplace so you could easily get advantages from both approaches. I personally keep my research artifacts in GSuite and manage insights and research projects inside of Jira which should be just as easy with Airtable.

Thanks for that. I did have a play with Airblade and it seems like it might be quite a nice tool to use, but there is some definately some advantage to using Jira as the team use every day. They might be less resistance to using it - rather then yet another tool!