How do you manage creation of a heavy and complex Information Architecture?

If you have ever been working on a design or redesign of a bigger website or an app that has a complex Information Architecture, please share your techniques. While drafting it all manually (and updating frequently as the website is “alive” and changing constantly), the whole process is extremely time-consuming and dull. Also generates mistakes. Is there any tool to map the site’s structure automatically and display it in an easy and understandable way? Are you always drafting IA manually when investigating a product’s structure?

Hey, check out this book

You will need to combine manual and automatic.

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There are site crawlers that make a page by page sitemap. There are free ones that aren’t as good and paid ones that are better. I think Google has a free one.

Here is an example, Sitemap Generator to Create XML Site Map online + SEO Tool.

What’s the purpose of the sitemap?

Hi! Could not agree more, it can be very frustrating. I use Card Sorting for such things. It’s super easy and provides great insights on content categorization and information architecture. I actually have a project dedicated to Card Sorting. Its a website which covers all the questions about the process. Take a look I think It will really help you