How do YOU explain UX design to people?


One thing I’m hearing a lot around here is the fact that many of you seem to come up against people that have no idea (or worse, the wrong idea) about what a UX designer does. How do you explain it to people?


I’ve found the [I]UX is not UI[/I] site useful for explaining to people - - :slight_smile:


I like the idea that the “UX is not UI” poster conveys, but it’s always struck me as a bit … needy. It’s really just the title of the left-hand column that I have a problem with: “How UX wants to be seen”. Why should clients, developers, or other team members care how UX wants to be seen? Putting my marketing hat on (for the task of “selling” the UX field), it fails badly. This isn’t even a feature, let alone a benefit.

It should read something like “The skills your UX team can deliver” or “What your UX designer can help you with”.

But I’m getting off track. And I don’t mean to plug the UX Mastery video after knocking Rob’s suggestion, but I have shown the video to clients in the past and they seem to get it and love it. So that’s what I use! :slight_smile:


I think that the job titles will segment over time, much like the days of “Webmasters”, we now had front-end developers, web designers, back-end developers, and the like. UX Designer seems to be a catch-all for anybody that works in UX, and it doesn’t really fit. In agencies there do seem to be UX researchers, Visual designers, UI designers, but in companies (at least here in the Netherlands), it seems that UX Designer can be someone who just deals with wireframes and visual design.

Personally I think that if you have UX in your title, then you work with the user. If you’re making wireframes based on heuristics and best practices, then I think UI Designer is a much better fit. Happy to hear others thoughts!!