How do you explain to the stakeholders that you need them to participate in the UX process if they feel that they are doing your job?

We all know that UX design is not something that you do by yourself and just send the deliverables to your superior at the end of the day. It is highly collaborative. However I can’t wrap by head around this issue:

When you approach the rest of the team (marketing, sales, customer support, developers etc.), are you ever afraid that they will tell you something like: “Hey, if I do your job will you do mine?” or “I never bother you with sales/marketing problems, why do you bother me with design issues when it is your job?”.

There are a lot of companies who don’t understand the value of UX and will think that they are doing the UX designer’s job by participating in brainstorming sessions. How do you frame the situation so they don’t feel used?

Thank you!

Thats an interesting question. I think I’d go at it from the perspective of the user, without users there is no, sales, so no need for marketing or customer support. Explained in the nicest way possible of course.

People need to see a link as to why their input is needed or they just won’t bother.

Good luck with this.

That’s really confused to me in first time.
But when you have some experience.
you will know marketing is to find some product features are profitable or unique.
UX is to find product feature are meet Humanity.
Features profitable do not mean humanity.

That need product manager to measure project Time costs and staff costs.
And find a balance.