How do you explain the difficulties of implementing responsive designs into native mobile app design?


I recently had a conversation with someone who thought designing a responsive mobile design can be simply transferred to a native app for both iOS and Android. Because I don’t have too much experience in this area I kind of struggled but I know there are different things to consider when it comes to the UX and UI.
How would you explain to someone that you can simply take a responsive mobile design and make an app out of it.
For example, what aspects of iOS and Android frameworks need to be considered that require different wireframe and UI designs?


With apps, unlike mobile websites, you need to take the native operating system into account. iOS has gotten a little more complicated with the iPhone 10X. You might need to do a set of Android wireframes, iOS 10 wireframes, and iOS 8 wireframes. So there’s the time commitment. Unlike web, you can’t make one set of wireframes for all of the operating systems. There is also the interactions for each OS as well that are different. Each OS has standard design guidelines you need to follow. If you don’t follow them, your app won’t be allowed in the various app stores.
Hope that helps! All the design guidelines are available for free online.

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Thanks @jdebari that helps a ton. I think the part some have trouble understanding is the interactions of each OS and why they would need different wireframes for each OS. They seem to think that the OS will apply it’s own guidelines and interactions to the design and it can be adapted to any OS… ?


@ari_rahmati, nope, it doesn’t work that way at all. Each interaction on each OS needs to be coded. Technically, an app developer can make anything in the OS do anything. Your app won’t be approved to be listed in the app store though. And people probably won’t use your app. But app developers need wireframes for apps just like any web developer. There is no template or defaults. That’s why as a UX Designer you need to make sure to follow the OS guidelines.
Hope that helps.


@ari_rahmati just familiarise yourself with the material design guidelines by Google for Android (Design - Material Design) and the human interface guidelines by Apple for iOS (Themes - iOS - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer) this will give you a basic idea of how the rules for the native app design are laid out.

There are some hybrid apps also which are written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript and run in the native engine.