How do you describe what you do?


When someone asks you what you do for a job, how do you describe it?



this is a great question and in my opinion, you can already have a good idea of which designer you’re talking to by listening to her/his reply.

I like to answer by mocking up a quote from the famous French advertiser Jacques Seguela “Don’t tell my mum I am a Designer…she believes I am a piano player in a brothel

By using this as an icebreaker I try to explain that most of the effort of my job is to facilitate the usability of digital products by designing them according to the human behaviours


This is a really good question. I always ask the people ‘What’s your favorite app’? They tell me about it and my next question is what’s your experience if you were to rate out of 10 for that app.
They tell me a rating out of 10 and there I mention about my job. This is what I do. I design experiences.

Though with that they get an idea only. It’s just not easy to tell about our field :smiley:



my usual response is pretty boring. Say - insert brand name here - are building an app, website, voice skill, product, game etc, Im the guy who designs it in a way that it makes both the * -brand-* happy, and the users happy.

And then if they probe more, I mention how it involves a bit of everything: brainstorming, interviewing, research, analysis, testing, prototyping, designing, dealing with PMs, stakeholders, designers, devs, users etc. It’s a wide-varied job!


I usually say I help companies improve their products to make them easier for their users/customers to use.