How do you create your personas?

Hi everyone how do you create your persona characteristics? What is your technique? If someone could walk me through their process would be greatly appreciated. I am having trouble thinking of all the characteristics. Does anyone know of any tools to use?
Thank you so much

You should be interviewing your target audience. You can’t make personas with out talking to people.

If you make proto-personas, based on assumptions, you still need to go out and validate those assumptions with talking to people.


Thank you so much for your reply. If you can’t directly interview the target audience do you use any tools?
Thank you

There aren’t really any options to do Design Personas without interviews. You would either skip that step or make proto-personas and be very clear they haven’t been validated. There is other research you can do to learn about your target audience such as a literature review.

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It’s worth thinking about why you can’t interview them and think of ways you can bypass the problem or fix it. Is it time, the org scared to talk to users (a big red flag) or that you an’t talk to them in person? Can you do remote?

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