How do I support Devs better as a UI/UX designer


UI/UX is still fairly new territory for many in my country (Kenya) and part of my biggest hustle comes about when trying to ensure that what I designed is what the final product looks. At times I work with a Developer who executes the design perfectly other times (which is a lot) the Developer misses a lot of the detail on the design spec shared. I’m not sure if it is a me thing and I need to improve on how I share designs or if it is a Dev thing and there are ways that I as a UI/UX designer can make work easier for the Dev to execute the design better.

If anyone has faced this challenge before I will be glad to get your opinion on the same, cheers.

You should talk with your dev first before you design. Ask things like what they prefer in terms of getting assets and also be aware what design system you are using. If you are thinking about designing something and aren’t sure if it’s possible or would take a long time then you should ask your dev first.