How do I become a UX Researcher? Asking

I am a 1st year UX Designer, graduated from a bootcamp. I feel completely lost after graduating and have not found a mentor. I am interested in become a UX Researcher and would like to know how to get there. What projects should I do? How do I tailor my portfolio towards research? How do I get people to take me seriously?

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Hi Peaches! Welcome to the community - it’s great to have you here!

As far as becoming a researcher is concerned, I’d be happy to help give you some guidance. Can I ask what’s drawing you to research and what you’ve done so far to get started in that direction?

I am interested in psychology and the reasons why a user is attractive to a product or design. I like the research that takes place before the design and also I’m not that great at UI.
So far I have focused on research in my case studies and try to learn more about it, YouTube videos.

I found this post that gives small projects, would this be helpful for me?

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