How did you start learning UX design?

Well I’m curious how you folks started learning UX design, and what tools you used to learn the subject. I want to learn UX design but I am not sure where to start. Is there any books or online courses I can use to learn the subject. I know it not all about learning the tools but I want the resources to be able to understand the field. Im very picky person and I like to follow a set of instructions when I’m learning new things so if there is a book you can recommend or online courses that go from the main concepts and understanding of UX to the actual design.


You can design Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) and Human Factor Interaction (HFI) but i would suggest IDF because it’s less expensive as compared to HFI and never stop learning from YouTube. Follow some some UX pages on Instagram, Facebook. Join UX groups on these platforms.
Good Luck!!


Your story resembles mine. I am still learning so… I recommend you Interaction-design, Careerfoundry and Robert Smith’s Youtube channel.