How Bloomsberry designed their chocolates? — based on my observations


Hello Everyone,

How are you?

Today I wrote a small note about my observations of a chocolate packaging, Designed in an innovative way which will make you love it. It’s the best example of visual and emotional design. So I thought of sharing my learnings with you. This is the article —

I like to hear your thoughts also,
so please share your feedback.


**This is my first topic on UX Mastery community


Yay! Thanks for sharing. I’m particularly invested in this because I’m from NZ. :slight_smile:
I enjoyed reading your article – it put a smile on my face. It is a good balance of fact and whimsy.

I have a couple of notes of feedback:

  • The Bloomsberry link in the first paragraph goes to the wrong place.
  • The article is well structured and interesting but could do with an edit for spelling and grammar.


Hello @HAWK

Happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my notes.
I am writing this article after a long time because I’m less confident in writing and too shy to post it on the Internet.But this is an old story, Now I am planning to change it by starting it. And this is my first article.

Thank you for the feedbacks

  • I fixed the link in the first paragraph
  • Next time I will definitely use some good tool to check spelling and grammar.



It’s likely only an issue becuase English isn’t your first language (for which you have my respect – I don’t have a second language). I’d be happy to do a quick english edit for you next time you write something, if that will help with your confidence.


Thank you very much @HAWK. I am so happy to share my next article before posting and get corect. I am so happy and motivated…

Started scribbling for my next article.