How big is your UX team?


I work as a solo contributor for a midsized company (about 500 employees). I was wondering today what size teams other UX professional work on, and how that team size affects you.

I’m curious – what size team do you work on, and how does that size change your day-to-day work?


The last two agencies I worked for I was a solo contributor and everyday felt overwhelming. They were both ecommerce agencies and I was working with multiple clients and it felt like I was wearing one too many hats. My team currently consists of a UX lead, a visual designer, a UI designer. I’m still juggling a lot but the extra hands help me really focus on projects more, which always leads to a better outcome.


Great question!

I work in a fully distributed company of 18 and I’m a UX team of one. The size has less to do with things than the distribution and timezones. Turnaround on feedback can be slow…