How best to record/digitize your sketches?


So, when you’ve done a sketch or twenty on paper, and you want to keep them and share them, what works best: scanner, photos with phone? Into any particular program/place (e.g. Evernote, etc.)



We’ve just started using Evernote at UX Mastery (literally last week, so I don’t yet have an opinion, but will keep you updated).


Hawk—Are you taking photos of sketches…or using a scanner? Thanks!


Matt is our sketcher and I think he usually photographs them. He’s away at UXNZ right now but I’ll ping him when he’s back and pull him into this conversation.


Thanks. Photos make sense since we all have phones with us.


Hi Doug. If I’m at a conference and sketchnoting the presentations and am keen to get those sketches onto Twitter in real time so that they contribute to the conference back channel, I use my phone. I used to use the free CamScanner app for iPhone, as it does a great job of applying a filter to whiten the whites, darken the blacks, and adjust any distortion in the framing of the image that you photograph. However I recently uninstalled the app as it was revealed that it contained some code that left the phone vulnerable to a remote attack. So I’m on the hunt for a replacement phone scanning app (there are probably a dozen out there, I just haven’t looked yet). For the conference that I attended this week, I just used the standard camera app:

However I always scan my sketches using a flat bed scanner when I get home from the conference. The phone camera is OK but there’s no substitute for a high res flat bed scan of your image, especially if it’s going to be shown to a client or something.

In terms of where I scan them to, I don’t use anything fancy like Evernote or Adobe Bridge. I just have a methodical naming convention for the folders that I store files in, so that’s where they go.

Hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile:


Matt—Thank you for the great real world examples. :slight_smile:


Flatbed scanner all the way! I have an A3 size one that is fantastic! :slight_smile:


scanner can be nice, cellphone if you are on the go :wink:


An update @visualbug: I bought an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil stylus, and have been doing lots of sketching using the Procreate app. I’m really enjoying this combo, and as a bonus it’s very easy to spit out an Instant Replay video of your sketch coming to life. Examples here: