How are you holding up?

Let’s be real for a minute.

This quarantine already feels like it’s been absurdly long (even though it’s 100% necessary). There have been some great outcomes for some - like the ability to work from home, having more time with family, and finding ways to connect that we never investigated before.

For some, however, things haven’t been so rosy. Some folks are being forced to go into offices in the middle of a pandemic, work from their cars, or have home situations that have made this brutal.

So how are you holding up? What can we do to help you and each other?

Let’s share some of stories and grow a little together.


Work-wise, we’ve been able to work-from-home pretty seamlessly, so 90% of our projects translate to remote pretty easily (our team’s geographically split, too, so we’re flex-time & semi-remote on a normal day, anyways).
The real trick is adjusting to home life. We moved to a smaller, more affordable place about half a year ago, and we spent our summer hiding indoors from all the brushfire smoke; now we’re hiding inside from a pandemic. My three-year-old daughter is struggling with the physical and social isolation, and is just going bonkers, which really makes it hard for her when I’m here for work, but not really available.
My wife’s also got a fatigue illness, so weekends feel like a massive chore load to try and get prepped again every week.
I don’t know, but, all-in-all, we’ve gone from being pretty heavily isolated on another continent to being completely isolated.
There’s good new, lately, though: 1.) in the ACT we’ve had no new cases for awhile and the quarantine is starting to ease a bit, so we may be able to lightly socialize within the week; 2.) we’re finally starting the enrollment process for preschool, so my wife’ll be able to get some time and space for her own projects and care (we’ve had 3 date nights in a year-and-a-half so far & don’t get the childcare subsidy here)