How and what to capture at a product conference

This is a general and broad question as I can’t go into too much detail. But every year our product is showcased at a conference and I’m hoping to put a number of questions together for a survey for attendees (existing customers or potential customers interested in the product).

What questions would be good to ask in terms of feedback on the product? And what would be the best way to capture this data.

I’d like to find out how they like/dislike the product, what areas could be improved on, what features they may want in it.

The caveat to this is that the customer base is very secretive and unlikely to reveal things pertaining to how they use the product.

Ideally I need to put together questions that would be useful but also allows the people answering it to remain anonymous.

Any ideas?

This is hard to answer if we don’t know what the product generally is. If it’s a website, its totally different from if it’s an app, or a website+app or say, a poster, advertisement, real world object.

Can you at least give an idea of the category we’re dealing with?

Video conferencing software