How about sharing some resources/tools you often use for researching?

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner to UI/UX design, could you mind to share your researching resources/tools?

I also hope this can be a collection and help everyone. Feel free to drop the link at the comment session!
Also more than welcome if you can tell us why do you think those are useful/happy to use! Or how would you like to use them?

So let me go first:

UI Sources

** Broad categories*
** Detail Screenshots*

I think this is come in handy for researching the product which may be similar to your developing product: not only great to ‘learn’ from those potential competitive, it is also good for developing a better one or making sure your product is more unique to them.

No pressure to drop a link below - let’s see how many people are using the same resources/tools you are using!

ps. I’m a new user to this forum, let me know if I am doing wrong or post it on the wrong category.

Welcome to the forum @Vincent!

I am not really sure I understand your question. Are you talking about UX Research or branding research?

I use Google Sheets for a lot of research and Usability Hub for quick testing.

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@Vincent Not sure if you mean in terms of education or practising actual UX/UI

UX Academy is a good place to start, they have a lot of free resources to support individuals on their UX journey

All these nice research repositories out there, and I also mainly use Google Sheets + Docs or a custom Jira board for my research repo.