Horizontal + Vertical Scrolls on one screen (Mobile App)


Hey guys,

my partners and I are developing a mobile application and we have been having disagreements over a part of the UI and UX logic.

Essentially, we have little ‘icons’ of content in one single screen in a list. The idea is to divide the screen in two and have the bottom part scroll left and right whereas the top screen scroll up and down. The top part shows a list of your “chosen” icons, whereas the bottom part shows your “recommended” icons. The idea is that the user will spend time scrolling the bottom screen for new content.

What do you guys think – is this unintuitive to the user? Here is a rough sketch of the concept. Any advice will be appreciated


I think the horizontal scroll for the suggested content is quite a nice idea, as long as one of the icons is cut in half (look at apple app store) this is obvious you have to scroll left to right to view these. However, the top section doesn’t feel so intuitive. Would it not make more sense to have these static? Or, if you can’t retsrict the user to a set number of icons, maybe also do a left right scroll but more like the iPhone home screen with the pagination dots at the bottom? This would make the design feel more consistent.

Also bear in mine, what may be intuitive to an iPhone user may not be the same for an android user as the gestures may be different across devices.

Hope this helps


This is actually a very good idea, Jacqui, thank you very much for your reply.