Home assignment - Don't intend for anyone to provide actual answers to the questions


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Hi everyone! :hear_no_evil: I’m back with another UX interview assignment! haha… and I really want this job and only have an evening… :hear_no_evil:

Please, could you give me some upfront advice on strategy, criteria, traps I should avoid or just a tip anywhere your wisdom sees fit or by chance something leaps out at you? …

Not as tricky or convoluted as the last one at least! :slight_smile:

Pick a car brand and make a narrow study of their digital offerings and review the experience in order to help you answer these questions.

_ _

1. What brand, and what digital offerings do you examine?
2. Find 3 UX decisions/choices on the above that you would have done differently and explain the why and what. Bonus if you choose to do a rough wireframe on at least one of them as part of your explanation.
3. Draw your understanding of where UX fits into the bigger “experience design eco-system” picture. (Nothing high-fidelity, pen on paper is fine).
4. What is your level of experience with JavaScript / jQuery, and have you ever used it in any interactive prototyping?
5. From question 1 choose one item and explain
_ 1. How you’d convince sceptical product owners/management that they should conduct a test of your version to see which version is better;_
_ 2. How you’d test it – method, tools etc._
6. What has been your most compelling digital customer experience and why? How do you think they achieved this? (Note this is related to your answer to question 3).
7. How would you conduct a user test of a new digital feature?
8. What question is missing and should have been asked?


What question is missing and should have been asked?

Whats your take on this question?


Soooo… I’m totally into supporting you to get a job but I’m not comfortable answering these questions for you because then… I should be getting the job.

How about a slightly different approach? You answer the questions and then we can give you feedback on your responses and help you hone your application.


:hear_no_evil::joy: Will do so!!! Didn’t expect any actual answers . Should have made that clear.


Yay! Apologies for misinterpreting your question.


Thank you for pointing that out, I have tried to make it clearer. I should probably have done this earlier with my take on it as well and not separate.


I’m really uncertain as to how I should answer this, partly because I’m not sure what they mean exactly by me using it in interactive prototyping? I have a total beginners knowledge of java-script and none of j query at this point in time…

Is this in reference to using axure or another tool to create rich dynamic prototypes of some sort?

Interview home assessment - site review

@HAWK I’m going to with What can the brand do to increase conversion to test drives? I see this as being a business objective and them wanting to see if that is understood?


@HAWK I’m going to with What can the brand do to increase conversion to test drives? I see this as being a business objective and them wanting to see if that is understood?


I would show them the value of UX optimisation. User Experience (UX) has a long history of being measurable and showing a return on investment (ROI). They need to see that improving key usability problems will give them a measurable return on their investment; reducing calls to support, increasing customer retention and conversions, and reducing dev re-work. Usability studies and tests done early on in the design process save us from having to make costly changes further down the line when it’s too expensive or late. Quick ways would be to share case studies from companies where improving the UX has made a big difference to the bottom line.


Their questions are all over the place. They’re not cohesive at all!

Your question is great in the context of the car exercise but I’m not sure that Q8 even refers to the car thing at all. Qs 6&7 don’t. I think they might be asking what question is missing from the general interview questions.




That was my reservation, I will answer with 2 questions then in both scenarios ahahah


Q8 - I think it could be related. I would have asked why they didn’t ask:

  1. Do you have experience working with JD Power, Google Business and other automotive “sources of truth” or their respective divisions? How did those experiences if you did help your product/feature vision within your work?
  2. Do you have experience working with AEM? How did that experience go and what was your role on the team? What did you learn? (This is a purposeful trick/experience question. It’s to understands the candidate’s current knowledge of the platform most automotive sites live on).
  3. How closely is the right candidate able to work with the automotive brand’s product owners in developing these new features?

Overall, their questions could be more tightly structured for the role but I can glimpse a bit of methodology to their madness :slight_smile: