Hi! Can you help UX Mastery out by taking a short community survey?

Hi everyone!

First off, I should introduce myself to the forums; I’m Amber and I spend most of my time working on UX Mastery’s content and social media channels - but recently that has also included monitoring our lovely community forums here as well!

We’ve recently been doing some long, hard thinking about how we can make all of our platforms and content as helpful and community based as possible and as UXers we all know a good place to start with that is… research! I’ve written up a survey with some questions about how you use our platform, where you interact with each other, and what you’re interested in seeing from us and the UX world generally. It’ll only take 5-10 minutes, and hopefully your answers will help pave the way towards fantastic content soon!

You might have noticed the banner on the forums pop us last week, if you click ‘take the survey’ it’ll take you straight to it, or the link is https://uxmastery.typeform.com/to/KYPcaF

Thanks everyone!

Finished :slight_smile:

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Thank you!