Heuristic Evaluation


Hi everyone
I’m working one a new mobile app project that is just near to publish for the first time. my responsibility is to evaluate the usability and UX of the app. for some reasons (such as short time for publish) project manager and I decided that heuristic evaluation is the best choice in this time. I evaluateed the app (with some Usability Heuristics) and found some problems and then delivered its document to the project manager and UI team. my question is: what is my next step? what should I do until they check my document of evaluation? should I just wait with no work?
thank you friends


That’s very good question, I think what you can do is to know more about that app (product), their competitors and how can you improve more.

Did you do HE keeping in mind about your target audience?


thanks for your reply
yes I considered users and their needs. for this evaluation, I used Nielsen’s 10 general usability heuristics. the project is a mobile banking app, and I tried to evaluate and check these 10 heuristics on the app. in addition I saw some similar app (mobile banking app) and analyzed their design to inspire.


That’s great, you can do competitive analysis to find out their SWOT. It will help you more.


Hi! there is difficult satisfy everybody. Evaluation with Nielsen’s 10 general usability heuristics is a good point to start giving solutions but is not always possible to apply all of them… So maybe you have to evaluate which of this issues give more pain for users and create a roadmap to solve them.

Anyway, you won’t know if you app have troubles and users are happy using it until you launch it and recover some feedback.


Doing a competitive analysis would be good. Providing a roadmap of the issues you found and when to solve them would be good. Doing usability testing on the app would be good.

Hope that helps!


You could probably plan what will you do in terms of usability after the app launch. Prepare user testing plans and questionaries.


Before you launch it you can make real testing with real people. I mean you have to give some users the possibility to “play” with you app and observe what the do and take some note and feedback.


@Carlux @jdebari I guess he would have done all what we are telling that but he mentioned about best choice in this time. I think we need to come up what else he can do apart from UT.


@dotafxoc, I provided 3 things he could do at this time, not just usability testing…