Heuristic Evaluation


Hello, I have been reading and understanding a lot on Heuristics as a method and the way it is exercised in improving usability of a product. So far I have gleaned a lot of theoretical knowledge on this subject and I am a bit baffled on how to conduct / trial a Heuristic review, as this method is very flexible and often ‘depends’ on the project you choose. Can someone help me in sharing few heuristic reviews exercised so I get a deeper picture.


Hey @manu2cal – welcome.

Great question – firstly, have you seen this article? If you’ve already done lots of reading then it may not add anything new but is worth a quick read through.

@Lukcha will have something more practical to add.


I put most of my recommendations and howto into the article, but do let me know if it raises any questions.

A while back the UX Mastery community did a heuristic evaluation walkthrough and group activity based on the sites for Virgin Australia, CarSales and National Rail. The Slack discussion is no longer there :fist: but the (very basic) Google Doc Heuristics spreadsheet template is still available.

If you have the chance to run usability testing sessions instead of heuristic evaluations, it sounds like they’d suit your needs much better (they often do).