Help with Survey for Inland Revenue


Dear friends

Davanti Consulting are working with Inland Revenue to improve their online services. As part of this process, we want to understand how you would categorise things you can do by yourself online.

This survey will only take 5 minutes of your time. Your responses will anonymous, we just want to know what you think.

Please click this link and follow the instructions.

Thank you in advance!


Done :slight_smile:



Love to see what you end up with when you’re done :slight_smile:


link doesn’t work

Working with GDS?

OK it does now

But problem with your card sort: it’s forcing me into grouping according to your high level IA. I don’t want to do that. I can organise the things on the left fine, but I’m not happy putting them into the four categories on the right

and: what do these acronyms mean? IRD GST?

You need to redo the card sort so that I can arrange into my own groups outside the constraints of your top level IA (or at least let me rename or move them around) and avoid abbreviations and technical language i dont recognise


A closed card sort, which is what @merissa_shahrulzaman has asked us to do, is sometimes the right tool. Often, open card sorts like you’re asking for are used earlier in the initial research and testing stages.

The fact that you are having massive frustration with it indicates the categories may not be settled yet, or that you may not be the right audience for the material.


The abbreviations/acronyms/jargon issue is what I always run into during card sorts. I completed the exercise, but I don’t know that I’m providing anything useful.


Inland Revenue Department
Goods and Services Tax


Yeah, very good point. It’s a NZ site so I know these ones, but that was just good luck.


for anyone wondering what we’re talking about:

in an information architecture you have a bunch of topics that content relates to. To begin with you just have content. In an open card sort users will take a bunch of content and give it a label. Then they will organise these labels into groups. This is what I understand by an open card sort. Its a good way of figuring out how users think about things.

A closed card sort is when you have a better idea of what topics you have and you have labelled them all. In this case the user takes all these cards and fits them into groups. Depending how rigid your protocol, you may also have an idea of these groups and have given these a name too (as in this example). This comes late in the project when you are validating your IA.

A hybrid approach is where you have labelled your topics but not the groups they fit into: an closed-open approach. I think this is the method I was advocating here. OP is using the fairly rigid closed-closed method which I don’t think works at this time.

Hope that clears a few things up.