Help this UX naivete


Just found this site, registered, reading forum comments on UX startups, bought the UX design book.
I stumbled across UX - I would love to specialise and have a career in this field. I found that I do marketing and creative thinking quite naturally but I didn’t want to do marketing and advertising or even write content. I struggled for so long looking for a career in an area that combines my research and creative skills and passion (a worn out word I hear)…I can’t think of a better word. Ironically - I met the only UX designer I met/not know :wink: at a Marketing networking event - I was not there for the networking - Actually I didn’t know networking was involved - Apparently I was the only one there for the topic subject matter expert information on this very subject - Mapping the User Experience for Suncorp Insurance - and I paid to listen to this topic too ;). Life happened and now I am editing my LI profile and am just not satisfied to just do a role - I want to create fantastic and customer centric user experiences - I want to create magic - yes - I’ve also been called crazy - but I belong in this world - finally my crazy has a home and its in UX and Service Design.

Reality sinks in - What experience do I have? zilch! - well to start with - I have been reading your forum advice and I have taken the first on board - creating a portfolio of works. In order to do that - I have one question - its logical but since your the experts - what well known products and services are in use currently that need a UX designer? If I were a small business - how would a UX designer help me? Ok that’s two questions.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome @LiLiT. I have no answer for your first question but I have my opinion about second one.

It is very simple

good user experience = satisfied user = a couple of new users (recommended by the first one) = more money

But the tough part is to find the proportion of investments (time, money, possibilities…) in good UX and the expected outcome.
Also there is a difficulty with business people as they count everything money-wise.
What is the actual ROI of the 3 days of development of a new feature with a great user experience?
If we don’t develop that feature will any user stop using our service?

These kind of questions are really not easy to answer at all. So if you don’t have a financial proposition you can’t push your UX improvements.

UX investments are not returning quickly, but they have potential to even multiply your income (despite what type of income we are talking about).

Hi Lili, welcome. :slight_smile:

Interesting questions!

I would say that MOST products could use some UX love. Take this forum platform for instance – it needs a LOT of work around the experience that it offers. When we talk UX we seem to generally be talking about software products, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Do you have a direction in mind? Is it software/web experiences that you are interested in, or are you thinking wider? This article from @Natalie_Eustace offers some interesting insights into the UX of non-tech products.

It would depend on what your business did. In short, a UX designer could help you to understand your clients, research them, make product recommendations based on the outcome of that research, then prototype and test your product. (That is a VERY high level overview.)

UX is everything that your user interacts with. It is both the product and service, your support center, performance of your product… literally everything.
User experience is the feelings that your user gets from your product / service.

Could you clarify your question? Do you want prototyping and testing tools?

​Where are you from @LiLiT?

Oh I see. In that case maybe you should try Online Portfolios. Also I am sure if you share your prototypes here in this forum you will get honest feedbacks.