Help regarding requirement gathering and questions to start



Hello Everyone,

I’m going to start my first UX experience journey for which I have a few questions.

I’m suppose to build a web application for my stakeholders, there are the users who is going to use the application.

  1. Requirements Gathering: The first thing I have to do.
  2. Conduct Interview: Face to Face.

Ask is:

  1. To start with what General Questions (open-ended) should I start - Please share some Questionnaire/Assessment.
  2. How to prepare or capture it in UX requirements gathering document - Please share sample template or a document.

I am hoping that I get complete support from the community.


Here are some resources which might be useful to you:

How To Improve Your Interview Skills
Conducting Contextual Enquiry
Using Insights to Inform Design & Innovation


+1 for those links @hawk posted too.

One thing to be mindful of in these early stages, especially if this is your first UX project, is to not rely on the process and typical questionnaire questions too much. Yes, they’re very useful for giving you confidence and making sure you cover all the essentials, but becoming the embodiment of a curious and open-minded sponge is what you’re really aiming for.

If I’m understanding correctly, this is for interviewing stakeholders who are the users of the application? Here are some pages that we use in our Introduction to UX workshops.

  1. Keep your thoughts in line during research with (potentially several) hunt statements:

  2. Follow a typical user interview script:


Well, I always think there are two phases to requirements gathering. There’s the business requirements- the things the business requires the software/site to accomplish (this should come from the business owners and BAs), and then there’s user requirements. It’s the user requirements that you gather from researching the users. Interviews will give you these requirements, so long as you make an effort to listen for what the user needs and not just what they want. After all, a person might want steak for dinner…but it might be off their diet!

Once there are business requirements and user requirements, the two should be reconciled and compared to technical requirements to determine what is actually technologically feasible.

As for how to process interview data, I am a huge fan of affinity diagramming (which you can read about here). It’s also an excellent chance to bring people in to demonstrate how important user needs in. If you can get a BA or someone in to work on it with you, they can start to see for themselves how important these needs are.

As far as documentation goes, well… there’s any number of ways. I prefer light documentation, myself. Ideally the affinity diagram would be it’s own documentation. But that doesn’t work if you need to communicate it to other stakeholders. Still, keep it short- bullet points of what and why are good. In my experience even though people say they want ‘reports’ they rarely read them if they’re lengthy. Or they skim them and miss the important stuff.


+1 for @redrobinmeyer 's suggestions and @HAWK’s links :slight_smile:

Research / interviews on BOTH the business and user sides should always come first before any requirements are defined. Assuming it’s a big project with lots of stakeholders, I like to get everyone in a room and collaborate on requirements. That way there are no surprises down the road. It’s a critical milestone for everyone to agree on before further investment.

I bring all the research to the meeting and then we go to town prioritizing with sticky notes. It’s basically a requirements version of Adaptive Path’s original sketchboard concept. Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s a link to the original Sketchboard article:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Hawk - These links where helpful to start.
Thanks Lukcha - I was looking for something similar kind of Activities.
Thanks redrobinmeyer - Yes, i’m going to be part of User Requirements Gathering and creating Wire frames.
Thanks Maryshaw - I know it is a critical milestone to gather user requirement. Your sketch board will be give some guidance.