Help! Need advice to make a career change to UX/UI from accounting & retail background

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in making a career change to UX/UI as it seems like it’s a highly-demanded job with good work-life balance and high pay. I’ve always wanted to look for a more fulfilling job and one that I would truly have passion for. I’d also like to try working in tech and be able to work remotely, so this seems like a good choice for me to break into the world of tech.

As I have experience in accounting and retail, what’s the fastest way for me to land a UX job? I have been searching a lot on Google and there are too many noises out there that I get overwhelmed sometimes. Thus, I’d really like to know how to get a job in UX as soon as possible as I wouldn’t want to stay in my previous jobs anymore.

Please help a struggling newcomer here and I’d love to get some advice from all of you, especially those who have experience in the UX field. Thanks in advance!

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