Help me to select UX developing!


Dear Folks!

I am in process of decide which frontend language I should consider to adopt for my upcoming application. Based upon my research I come up with

  • Angular
  • React native
  • Node.js

as some famous front-end frameworks. Can you guys help me which is best, among them, that can help me develop UX and future proof applications? e.g., that can help me scale, manage and provide best experience.

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first: node.js is not a frontend-framework. It is a serverside platform for developing networkapplications which also could be a webserver.
Angular and React are heavyweigths with React not only having frontend, but also additional backend components.

None of them are “languages”. But these frameworks could use e.g. EcmaScript, JavaScript or TypeScript.

There is no “this is the best for all your problems”. It depends on the specific problem which technology is the most fitting solution.

My current favoured technology mix for the frontend is Bootstrap 4 + VUE.js (
Bootstrap as a very robust frontend component library paired with the slick and fast VUE.js fits my needs to have a fast frontend with a good out-of-the box usability.
But this must not fit your needs, as my use cases will definitely differ from yours.

Remember: Every time you set the technology, you change the problem.


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olemail … thank you so much … this is brilliant… sure let me evaluate .

My core issue is to create an Intuitive design and experience where application talk/communicate with the user in a semaless manner. Also i need to use Alexa within my application hence I need more robust and future proof framework and language.