(Help) How to submit a Pre-Interview UX assignment - (Format/Outline)



(Note- I’m not applying for UX job, but for Product Management Intern job.)

1)They asked to go through given website and evaluate it from the perspective of user experience.

2)further consolidate your inputs

3)and send a brief note

4)The goal of this “is to what I think are good practices followed and the areas which I feel need to be relooked into to improve the user journey.”

How should I construct/Format/outline my assignment & What topics should I discuss.

Thank you for helping me.


Quick question - are they ask you to do this on their own site, someone else’s site, or a fictional site?


On their own site


Personally, I would request to the project on another site in the same industry. I would also ask to ensure that you get feedback on your effort, regardless of the outcome of your application. If they refuse either request, I would walk away.

Never work for free. You’ll find thread after thread after thread here about people who were burned doing design challenges or working for free. While it’s rare, some companies will take ideas from unsuccessful candidates and use them. More commonly, you invest time and effort in a process that lands neither a job nor useful experience and feedback.


Thank you for your feedback, for some reason I got blocked on this site. That’s why I was not able to reply you on time.

I did submit my assignment & I got the internship, now hope to get some experience as a PM.

Thank you, Doug Collins.