Help decide between two bad VR UI options

Hi everyone,

I am designing a VR video player for VR standalone headsets and I came across a software problem, that cannot be fixed, so I have to select between some bad options.

Initial Goal: We want our GUI video controller to control the master volume of the device, and the device’s physical keys (remote control and headset) to update our application and GUI.
All the above can be done but there is a little problem:

When a physical key is pressed, an additional system GUI appears in a very annoying spot for the user and hides information from our videos. We cannot get rid of it, so we have these options:

  1. Disable device key input.
  2. Keep key input and the annoying graphic and our graphic feedback.
  3. Keep key input and the annoying graphic but when keys are pressed, our graphic does not appear and only the annoying one is shown.
  4. Do not include volume functions on our GUI and go only with device’s (still annoying input).

Right now, we are on option 3, but I need some 3rd party thoughts about the best solution for the above (or please propose a new one).
So any thoughts?


Run tests, dont guess and dont ask for opinions, testing will give you the better answer