Help Complete a Card Sort

I’m doing some freelance UX work and am doing a card sort exercise for a client who is developing a real-estate training blog and program

A few kind hearts to take the card sort survey would be much appreciated! All the topics have to do with real-estate so if you or someone you know has background in the field, that will be useful too.

P.S. I’m using a card-sorting program that is in a beta. They are offering unlimited responses at the moment for free! Plus, customer service has been great so far.

Thanks all!

I’ve forwarded the card sort to a friend in real estate. Good luck!

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Thanks! That means a lot!

I really wanted to help out here, but after looking at the cards, I don’t feel I know enough about the indutry to be of much use. There’s simply too much there that I don’t know or understand. Sorry!


I’m curious about why you require an email address to do the sort.

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This was a requirement from the client. Although I recommended not including it, my hands were tied here, sorry if that was a barrier to you!

Interesting. That must be frustrating for you.

Not for me personally (I don’t know enough about real estate to participate) but I do wonder how many valid participants you’ll lose as a result. It would probably make a difference if there was a brief explanation of what the email was being collected for.