Hello, I am new, I want to start in this career


Hello everybody, I am new to ux/ui design and I want to learn more and start doing my own projects but I need some answers, if you can help me.
● Do you need to know coding when you start ui/ux designing ?
● What will my future clients want from me when I deliver my services ? Jpg psd and PS files?
● Can you provide me with some good tutorials ?
I appreciate each answer and thank you for taking your time to help me :slight_smile:


hi @danilarobert582
as a designer, IMO, we should be very curious about how the sausage gets done.

If I were u I would massively use the forum search tool to have a bunch of information to start with.
There are a lot of discussions around these questions.
Once you will have a better understanding of your needs it will be easier for u to ask precise questions and it will be easier for us trying to support you :wink:

Have a nice day


Hello @danilarobert582

Welcome to the forums!

I was in the same boat a little while back like you, but the wonderful people here helped me get on the right path and I would like to help you do the same!

Start Here before anything else to get a good grasp on things.
Explore this wonderful list for all the training, tutorials, and guides you could possibly ever want.
And finally use this to get a more in depth approach to training and courses offered out there.

Also one last thing, to see the process another person was going through when deciding what to do for training I highly suggest reading this thread. It is jam packed with other useful resource and information.

If you have any additional questions after looking through everything let us know.



Hi @danilarobert582,

I can feel your eagerness to get into the UX life! It is a really fun and rewarding career and you’ve made a great choice to pursue it :slight_smile:

To try and answer your original questions I think I would have to give a slightly annoying answer and say that you might be asking the wrong questions, or rather, they are valid questions but it may be the wrong time to be asking them.

● Do you need to know coding when you start ui/ux designing?
Coding is definitely not an overall requirement for a UX designer, but some jobs might have specific needs for their designers to code. I would say that you probably don’t have to think about this just yet and wait until you figure out what you want to do exactly or what kind of company you want to work for.

● What will my future clients want from me when I deliver my services ? Jpg psd and PS files?
Again you will find this might be different for different clients and jobs. The last six months in my role I haven’t drawn a single button on a single wireframe, but I have UXer colleagues and friends who do digital wireframing and UI design all day long. Yes, you will use tools/software to work in UX/UI, but it’s usually less about the tools and more about the strategy and thinking in your design. Again I think it’s too early to think about this and would recommend you learn about the philosophy and fundamentals of UX and UI before worrying about PSDs and JPGs :slight_smile:

● Can you provide me with some good tutorials ?
There is a lot of information out there. Rather than sift through small tutorials that will teach you narrow skills, I would strongly recommend that you follow UX Mastery’s tips in that “Start here” video that @CoolMike90 posted above. Personally I think steps 4 and 5 are the ones that most people skip, and I believe are the most important to build your passion, breadth of knowledge, and even just to figure out if UX is the right thing for you.

Step 4: Get connected
Go to meetups and events. Don’t wait until you’re an expert. Go now. Meet people. Ask them about their work. Get a feel for what it will be like to be part of this field and community.

Step 5: Get a mentor
If you have a friend who is already in UX, or maybe someone you meet at an event, ask them if they would have time for you to buy them lunch or coffee every 2 weeks. And just chat about what they are working on, what the challenges are, what they look for when hiring new designers, anything you can think of, whatever is on your mind.

So good luck with getting started :slight_smile: And if you do want to pursue Step 1 from that video and “Get Educated” feel free to check out CareerFoundry’s UX and UI courses (full disclosure - I work for CF).

If you feel like they might be interesting for you, I’m happy to answer an questions about the courses, or just chat more about any other general UX stuff!